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DNA sequencing

Michael Snyder, iPop, and Personalized Medicine [Video]

Even though others didn’t believe him at first, Michael Snyder knew that something was wrong when his sugar levels were increasing more than normal. His own physician didn’t believe it, but through studying his own genetics he found that he has Type 2 diabetes. None of his family members had it that he was aware of, so people assumed that he didn’t fit the profile. His DNA, however, had other…

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Dr. Michael Snyder: Interpretation of Whole Genome Sequencing in Clinics

Whole genome sequencing (WGS) is a service that has held a lot of promise for the clinical and personalized medicine world. Having treatments and regiments that were specific to your own unique needs is something that many are striving to achieve based off of WGS findings. Dr. Snyder and his colleagues, such as Frederick E. Dewey, MD, Jason D. Merker, MD, PhD, and Atul J. Butte, MD, PhD, et. al. held a study with 12 participants…

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