Hereditary Diseases Diagnostic Testing

by Clinical Diagnostic Exome Sequencing

MCL offers diagnostic testing for Hereditary diseases

Macrogen Clinical Lab is a CLIA certified laboratory that provides advanced genetic testing for inherited diseases available to clinicians around the world. These tests are conducted using Next-Generation Sequencing, in a process known as clinical exome sequencing. Through exome sequencing, researchers analyze specific regions of a patient’s DNA code for disease-causing genetic mutations. A range of hereditary diseases have been linked to specific genetic variations in the exome, and thus, clinical exome diagnostic testing can contribute to diagnoses regarding inherited disease.

Benefits of Hereditary Disease Diagnostic Testing

Clinical exome sequencing enables the fast, accurate analysis of our highly complex genetic code. These tests provide patient-specific information regarding genetic mutations that are known to increase the risk for inherited disease. Using the results, healthcare providers can offer advanced diagnoses, develop customized treatment plans and recommend prevention strategies for inherited disease.


  • Accurate diagnoses through Next Generation Sequencing under our CLIA license.
  • Reports adhering to ACMG recommendations, providing clinicians with the most credible data.
  • Precise results for difficult-to-diagnose diseases and disorders.




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