Macrogen Clinical laboratory provides total mRNA transcript expression analysis, enabling novel gene discovery, identification of novel SNP and In-Del, novel splice variant and chromosomal rearrangement discovery, and identification of microRNAs and non-coding RNAs

Sequencing platform
GS-FLX Totanium / Plus with 300~450bp read lenth
HiSeq 2000 system with 50bp /100bp, Single / Paired-end
HiSeq 2500 system with 50bp/100bp, single / Paired-end
MiSeq system with 50bp/150bp/250bp, Single /Paired-end

Gene expression data
Quantitative expression profiles
Spliced transcripts
SNPs/ Indel list
Gene ontology analysis
Hierarchical clustering

Data Analysis
Standard data analysis
Denovo Assembly / Alignment and statistics
Gene expression profile
Differentially expressed genes
SNPs and ndel calling by mapping to reference genome

Advanced data analysis
Gene Annotation / Gene Set Analysis
Comparative analysis
Professional data analysis
Hierarchical clustering and gene ontology analysis
Customized services and consultation are available to meet your specific analysis need



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