Exome Capture and Whole Genome Sequencing Kits

Agilent SureSelect Exome Capture Kit

Agilent SureSelect is our recommended kit and we encourage its use. Agilent SureSelect Exome Capture began as a partnership with researchers from Emory University and The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to curate disease-associated targets. The end result was creating an exome that delivers 10% more reads at 20x, while providing coverage of the rest of the exome with only 4 GB of sequencing.  

With SureSelect Target Exome Capture, researchers can target their specific region of research. With targeted DNA or RNA capture tools, researchers can increase sample throughput through multiplexing, achieving the sequencing depth required to accurately call SNPs, Indels and other mutations.

The Agilent SureSelect Exome Capture kit:

  • Provides up-to-date content from relevant databases to target more genes and exons
  • Allows you to easily add UTRs for translational research
  • Allows for increased coverage of targeted regions

We offer these kits:

  • Exon V4
  • Exon V5
  • Exon V6

Additionally, Agilent SureSelect is available in both pre-capture and post-capture indexing formats. Both formats will help improve processing efficiency, speeding up researchers’ workflow and delivering exome capture solutions that meet a variety of needs.

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We also offer:

NimbleGen SeqCap EZ Capture

Built on an optimized design algorithm, NimbleGen SeqCap EZ Capture eliminates the necessity of setting up thousands of PCR reactions, enabling enrichment of the whole exome or regions of interest in a single test tube. Targeted sequencing allows for parallel enrichment of target regions in one simple step whether researchers are sequencing disease-associated regions, candidate genes from disease pathways, or all coding exons.

With NimbleGen SeqCap EZ Capture, numerous libraries are available, including:

  • SeqCap EZ Exome Libraries – for enabling enrichment of the whole human exome
  • SeqCap EZ Choice Libraries – offering enrichment of specific target regions in the human genome
  • SeqCap EZ Developer Library – for enrichment of any organism
  • SeqCap EZ Designs – featuring a selection of human disease research panels and specific exomes for model organisms

Researchers using NimbleGen SeqCap EZ Capture will also experience a difference in their work, whether basic or clinical. Flexible enrichment technologies and built-in controls help enable high-quality data. 2.1M overlapping probes deliver superior capture efficiency while minimizing sequence costs. Sample multiplexing allows researchers to optimize throughput and sequencing coverage, and up to 50 Mb of custom target regions are available by adding EZ Exome v3.


Illumina TruSeq Capture

Illumina TruSeq Capture is an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for typical enrichment studies. We offer it for whole genome sequencing if requested by a client. This kit offers integrated DNA sample preparation, pre-enrichment sample pooling, and a total amount of target sequence equal to 62 Mb.

There are three factors with Illumina TruSeq Capture that allow researchers to determine the amount of sequencing and mean coverage required to fully optimize the targeted sequencing study.

1. Sum length of targeted regions

Each 95mer probe effectively pulls down a symmetrical distribution of reads centered around its target, with a width equal to 365 bases. Each individual probe will basically allow for a pull down of an entire DNA library.

2. Enrichment efficiency

Enrichment efficiency is based on the percentage of reads passing filter and mapping to the targeted region. Illumina TruSeq Capture allows researchers to maximize the amount of DNA captured with the fewest number of probes.  In addition, researchers will also be able to capture reads adjacent to the target.

3. Distribution of coverage depth for targeted regions

TruSeq analysis scripts have been designed to report the distribution of depth of coverage in both an absolute and normalized manner. The analysis scripts allow researchers to calculate the amount of sequencing required to yield the desired percentages of targeted bases at a particular read depth.

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