Exome and Targeted Genome Sequencing Services


exome targeted sequencing

Macrogen Corp. offers a complete solution for variant discovery using exome sequencing services with next-generation sequencing platforms. Macrogen Corp. offers extensive data filtering and mapping for accurate SNP and InDel determinations. Custom data analysis is available through our Turn-key Discovery Services, and provides clients with an affordable option to rapidly identify putative variant candidates.



Enrichment methods

  • Illumina TruSeq Exome Capture
  • Agilent SureSelect Exome Capture
  • NimbleGen SeqCap EZ Capture

Sequencing platforms

  • Latest Ilumina Hiseq 2000/2500 system with
  • 100 bp paired-end sequencing

Sequencing coverage

  • Sequence to 50X or 100X coverage at the raw data level
  • On-target coverage of 25X, 30X, 50X or higher
  • Custom design on-target coverage levels

Also available as Cli-Seq.


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