EZ-Seq / EZ-Care Sequencing Services

Capillary Sequencing

When you have several hundred samples to be sequenced, this task can quickly grow into a mountain of work. But not with Macrogen’s EZ-Seq/EZ-Care Sequencing Service.

The Easy Way to Sequence DNA

EZ-Seq/EZ-Care sequencing is designed to simplify the process of a sequencing order. Rather than having to input lines of information on an order form, Macrogen simply sends you barcode labels. All you need to do is put the samples and primer in tubes or plates, affix the barcode label and send to Macrogen. Upon sample receipt, we’ll send you the results via email within 24 hours.

How EZ-Seq/EZ-Care service works

  1. Request your barcode labels at www.macrogenusa.com, and they will be delivered to you soon. Labels are provided as a long strip of many. We recommend that you purchase ahead of time so that you may share labels with your colleagues.
  2. Prepare your samples to the following specifications:

– 5µl of 50ng/µl PCR product + 5µl of 5pmole/µl primer

– 5µl of 100ng/µl plasmid + 5µl of 5pmole/µl primer

Put your premixed samples and primers in tubes or plates.

  1. Attach a barcode label. The labels are made of two parts: one for your own records and the other for attaching to tubes or plates. For tubes, start from the arrow side and roll it around so that the label can overlap itself. For plates, attach anywhere on the top of the lid. Make sure the 2D barcode is visible and not hindered by anything.

EZ-Seq single direct – Each sequencing reaction has one single label assigned. Re-run service is NOT included.

EZ-Seq plate direct – One single label is assigned for one entire 96-well plate. The well position will be included in the result file name. Rerun service is not available.

EZ-Care single direct – Each sequencing reaction has one single label assigned. One FREE re-run service is included.

  1. Send the samples to Macrogen and include the email address(es) for where the results for each batch should be sent, otherwise, all results will be sent to the email address of the account holder to whom the labels were originally issued. Macrogen will email results within 24 hours of receipt of samples.

Please contact us to learn more about this service.

*Disclaimer: Please note that payment must be received within 45 days from the label request date. Otherwise, the order will be cancelled.


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