Data Scientist I/II/III

Department: Bioinformatics

Address: 1330 Piccard Drive, Rockville, MD 20850

Job Description: Macrogen Clinical Laboratory (MCL), Macrogen Corp. in Rockville, MD is seeking a Computational Scientist/Bioinformatician to work on implementing analytic pipelines, computational analysis and/or interpretation for clinical genomic samples associated with cancer and rare diseases of high throughput NGS (DNA/RNA) data. Computational language expertise such as Python, Java, or Perl programming and proficiency in Linux environment are required. Grid/cloud computing familiarity and database experience are desirable.

Requirements / Preferences:

  • Bachelor or Master degree in Bioinformatics, Statistics, Computer Science, Systems Biology (genomics area) or relevant field required
  • Familiarity with Linux/Unix environment and shell script programming
  • Strong programming skills and experience using Python (Preferably), Perl, Java, and/or R
  • Good communication, interpersonal and presentation skills for team work
  • Strong interest in big data analysis and data mining.
  • Experience with software development is plus
  • 2+ years prior working experience as a programmer/bioinformatician – preferred
  • Prior experience analyzing high throughput sequencing data analysis (NGS data analysis) – preferred
  • Experience to using bioinformatics tools (BWA, bowtie2, GATK, vcftools, bedtools, samtools, etc) – preferred
  • Familiarity with genomic database (UCSC genome browser, NCBI, Ensembl, dbSNP, dbGAP, etc) – preferred

How to apply: Please e-mail all resumes / cover letters to with email title “[Application] Data Scientist”.