Clinical Test vs. CLIA Compliant

Macrogen’s clinical lab provides clinical sequencing results for the ordering physicians, to help in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancers and genetic disease. Macrogen’s genomic tests identify specific genes and genetic mutations in a patient’s genome. Next Generation Sequencing services include:

  • Clinical Whole Exome Test using HiSeq2500
  • Clinical Whole Genome Test using HiSeqX
  • Confirmatory test of NGS results by ABI 3730XL
  • Clinical Cancer Panel using Life Technology’s Ion Proton and PGM (in preparation)
  • ApoE Genotyping using ABI 3730XL

Macrogen clients can choose from three reports to receive their data sets:

  • Basic Summary Powered by Omicia Opal: Quickly identify and confirm already classified variants and effectively evaluate novel or unclassified variants
  • In-Depth Curated Report: With Macrogen’s partnership with N-of-One, in addition to identifying biomarker insights, this report analyzes and identifies specific therapeutic options based on a patient’s molecular profile, including therapies in guidelines, off-label therapies, and the most relevant clinical trials
  • Sequencing Stat Report: Provides paired and end sequencing date in two matching format files

CLIA-Compliant Test

Macrogen’s CLIA-Compliant Test is intended to provide CLIA-level sequencing results for pharmaceutical companies, clinical trials or researchers who want more regulated processes. CLIA-compliant tests follow the same workflow as CLIA tests, but are more flexible, providing the information provided—no primary findings are provided unless the customer defines their list(s) of variants of interest.

Like the CLIA Compliant vs. Clinical Test, clients can choose between the basic summary report powered by Omicia Opal or the sequencing stat report. The in-depth curated report with N-of-One is optional.

Clinical test vs. CLIA compliant