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Message from our Director

Macrogen Clinical Laboratory launched Clinical sequencing services under our strong R&D endeavor in late 2012. From now on, Macrogen Clinical Laboratory is able to offer top and distinguished CLIA Certified Sequencing service to patients and hospitals. Macrogen Clinical laboratory are moving toward the clinical arena and will provide clinical laboratory data to offer personalized medicine in the reality.

In summary, Macrogen Clinical laboratory will provide total genomic solution for clinical and research area and will expand their service portfolio to include DNA chip based G-scanning and cancer diagnostic panel developed by us as well as transcriptome sequencing.

-Dr. Sechin Cho, M.D.


Director CV

Our Founding Medical Director is Sechin Cho, M.D., who is FAAP (Fellow in the American Academy of Pediatrics) and Founding of FACMG (Founding Fellow of American College of Medical Genetics). He has been trained in both clinical and laboratory Genetics since 1975. He has been the CLIA Laboratory Director since 2004 in USA. To his credit, He has been listed in The Best Doctors of America for 10 years. He has been a member of Committee on Genetics of American Academy of Pediatrics from1992 to 1998 and Cytogenetic Lab Inspector in College of American Pathologist from 1997 to 2003.

Brief Curriculum vitae of Sechin Cho, M.D., FAAP, Founding of FACMG

2012-PresentMedical Director at Macrogen Clinical Laboratory

2004-2008 CLIA Laboratory Director, Wichita Genetic Lab Division,
US Laboratory, Irvine, CA
1993-Present American College of Medical Genetics
Founding Fellow AMA, M.D.
Chair of Membership Committee-1999-2001
1991-2001 Listed in The Best Doctors of America
1992-1998 Committee of Genetics, American Academy of Pediatrics
1997-2003 CAP, Cytogenetic Lab Inspector, College of American Pathologist